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How To Use Social Value To Win Public Sector Tenders


Written by charlie8180


With increased competition for securing government contracts meaning millions if not billions of pounds are being decided by sometimes less than a single point, combined with the requirement for government departments to allocate at least 10% of available points to Social Value it has never been more important to score well in this area. 

By adopting strategic approaches to social value, businesses can improve their tender success rates by enabling the creation of bid responses that are contract specific, evidence heavy and are differentiated from competitors through enhanced stakeholder engagement and innovative solutions. 

Strategies to Improve Social Value Scores 

  • Align with Community and Contract Needs: Understand and address the specific social and environmental needs of the communities you serve and that will be covered in the contract. Tailor your social value initiatives to create meaningful and relevant impacts. 

  • Engage Stakeholders: Collaborate with stakeholders, including employees, customers, and community groups, to create social value initiatives. Stakeholder input can enhance the relevance and effectiveness of your efforts. 

  • Measure and Report: Develop methods for measuring and reporting your social value impact that can be used as evidence. Use this data to continuously improve your strategies and demonstrate your contributions clearly.

  • Innovate: Identify and implement innovation to find new ways to deliver social value through your products, services, and operations. 

  • Training: Ensure your team understands the importance of social value and is equipped to contribute to your initiatives. Provide training and resources to build internal capacity. 

At transformacy, we support our clients by both developing impactful Social Value Strategies and writing/ crafting tender responses tailored for UK government contracts.

If you need support creating your Social Value Strategy or writing the Social Value response to your Public Sector tender please get in touch with our experienced team.