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Social Value Strategy & Tender Support.

The UK Government is driving the Social Value agenda by requiring all Public Sector Contracting Authorities to assess the impact that a potential supplier might have on the economy, the environment and/or society when it awards contracts.


In practice, this means that all contracts procured by both Central and Local Government departments are required to apply a 10% minimum weighting towards social value.


We support our clients by developing impactful Social Value Strategies and tender responses tailored for UK government contracts.




Getting your Social Value strategy right will give you a competitive advantage.

A strong social value strategy is not only a key to enhancing your Public Sector tender win rate; it also unlocks a treasure trove of additional advantages that pave the way for enduring success and sustainability.


By understanding social value, conducting assessments, setting clear goals, engaging stakeholders, integrating sustainability, monitoring progress, and continuously improving, businesses will greatly improve their financial health.

Social Value Benefits.

Competitive Advantage
Gain a Competitive Advantage

Companies are winning more work by addressing social and environmental requirements of government contracts.  They are also in a better position to manage risk by understanding the interconnection of their environmental, social and governance impacts.

Brand Reputation
Strengthening Brand Reputation

A well-implemented social value strategy can significantly enhance a company’s brand reputation, making it more appealing to customers, investors, and potential employees who prioritise corporate social responsibility.

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Operational Risk Management

By addressing social issues proactively, companies can mitigate operational and reputational risks, ensuring a more stable and reliable business operation.

Employee Recruitment & Retention

Companies with a strong commitment to social value are often more attractive to top talent. This can aid in recruiting and retaining a motivated and dedicated workforce.

How We Help.

Wherever you are on your Social Value journey we are here to help advise, create and implement Social Value strategy, measurement, delivery and reporting across the entire environmental, social and governance ecosystem.

We provide comprehensive strategy guidance and specialised support for the social value element of Public Sector tenders. Our approach is straightforward and powerfully impactful, designed to maximize business value.