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G-Cloud 14 and Social Value: A Blueprint for Success


Written by charlie8180


G-Cloud 14 represents a substantial evolution from its predecessor, G-Cloud 13, offering a host of improvements that stem from user and vendor feedback for a more refined framework.

Enhanced security features in G-Cloud 14 ensure that businesses can confidently utilise cloud services, secure in the knowledge that their data is safeguarded.

The framework’s stringent vetting process emphasises Social Value, ensuring the marketplace features only the most dependable and esteemed suppliers.

Moreover, G-Cloud 14 emphasises better value for money, with a particular focus on supporting the SME community. An increased number of suppliers and services intensifies competition, leading to more competitive pricing for the Public Sector customer and more deals for businesses.

However, in an environment where competition and pricing are more intense than ever, suppliers must distinguish themselves. Social value emerges as a key differentiator and a symbol of progress within the new G-Cloud 14 Framework.

Defining Social Value

At its core, social value refers to the expansive economic, social, and environmental benefits that a project or initiative can catalyse. The G-Cloud Framework isn't just focused on the immediate goods or services being sought, rather it is also deeply focussed on the social value and thus extends its reach to encompass a broad spectrum of factors, ranging from the creation of jobs to fostering sustainability, and from community engagement to promoting diversity and inclusion.

The UK Government's Call to Action

In recent years, the UK Government has amplified its emphasis on social value within procurement practices. This shift signifies that when public sector entities procure third-party products or services, they are now mandated to conduct a much deeper assessment. The UK Social Value Act of 2012 mandates that public sector organisations scrutinise how they can secure broader social, economic, and environmental benefits through their procurement activities.

Suppliers wanting to be part of the G-Cloud 14 Framework must not only outline how their products or services deliver social value but also substantiate these claims with concrete evidence. The Government's call for proposals aligning with initiatives such as achieving Net Zero emissions underscores this commitment. With the recent unveiling of the Government's Energy Plan, this emphasis on social value is poised to intensify.

Technology and its Role in Driving Social Value

Technology is a transformative force in shaping society, presenting a significant opportunity to deliver substantial social value. Consider how tech solutions can pave the way for the development of smart cities, enhance access to education and healthcare, and champion greater social inclusion. Moreover, the tech sector's pivotal role in job creation and supporting economic growth further underscores its impact on social value creation. This linkedin post summarises the essential synergies between digital and sustainability transformation.

A Competitive Edge in Bidding

For businesses navigating the competitive landscape of first getting listed on the G Cloud 14 Framework and then being subsequently selected for work, highlighting a robust commitment to delivering social value will be a game-changer. Bids that demonstrate a clear focus on long-term societal benefits often stand out amongst competitors.

The Evaluation Landscape

When it comes to assessing social value within the G Cloud 14 Framework, the approach may vary based on the specific procurement requirements. Evaluation criteria often revolve around factors such as the proposal's impact on the local community, its environmental sustainability, and its contribution to the local economy.

Enter the Social Value Model, a structured framework introduced in 2020 specifically for public sector procurement. This model aims to bolster the measurement of social value through its five main themes:

  1. COVID-19 recovery

  2. Tackling economic inequality

  3. Fighting climate change

  4. Equal opportunity

  5. Wellbeing

Bidders are called upon to showcase how their proposals align with these critical themes. Responses are meticulously evaluated and scored based on their alignment with the broader spectrum of social value considerations.

Charting Your Path to Success

In the dynamic landscape of the G Cloud 14 Framework, understanding and championing social value will pave the way for success. Embracing this ethos not only sets businesses apart in bids but also lays the groundwork for a more inclusive, sustainable future for all.

As the G Cloud 14 Framework unfolds, harnessing the power of social value is a strategic imperitive, it will be the key to unlocking transformative opportunities and driving positive change in the public sector landscape.

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